The Changing Perspective of Muslims via Fashion

Muslim Women
Muslim Women

Its amazing how the Muslim women are working towards a positive change. They are making their position strong by changing perspective. Where there are issues in France barring Muslim women to wear Burkini’s in public, there still are women who are making effort for their name to be known in the fashion world for the modest fashion followed by the Muslim women.

The Arab Fashion Week held in Dubai and Jakarta Fashion week held in Indonesia around the same time Paris fashion week was held, helped Muslim women institutionalize fashion in perspective of Islamic world.

Anniesa-Hasibuan-Hijab-Collection-2016 The Changing Perspective of Muslims via Fashion

Muslim women are empowered women; this statement is proved by many. One very prominent women in the fashion world today is Editor in chief of Vogue Arabia. She is a Riyadh-based princess, worked previously as a retailer. She is making an effort to portray the positive image of Muslim women and the fashion they follow due to religious and cultural limitations. Muslim women have been a market for luxury fashion buying since 1960’s. It is anticipated that the global Muslim clothing market will grow more than the combined growth of the current market of Britain, Germany and India. According to Ogilvy Noor, Islamic branding consultancy – Muslim middle class will grow three times to become potential buyers of luxury modest global Muslim clothing from the current 300 Million in 2015 to 900 million by 2030.

Anniesa-Hasibuan-Collection The Changing Perspective of Muslims via Fashion

One of the most famous Lebanese designer Elie Saab and the model Elisa Sadnaouni were featured in a cinematic short film for promoting some of the most beautiful Abayas. Some of the known luxury brands are now recognising Muslim fashion demands and include in their collections products targeting Muslim Market, some of the examples include; DKNY- Ramadan capsule Collection 2014, Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana – Luxury hijabs and abayas, Marks & Spencer’s controversial burkini and Uniqlo’s Lifewear Collection of “breezy dresses and iconic Hijabs” created in Collaboration with a Muslim fashion Designer Hana Tajima.

On top of every thing the recent fashion collection of an Indonesian designers showcasing a beautiful collection of peach, ivory and grey hijabs marked a debut of a Muslim Designer in New York Fashion week. She is the first one making an entry in the New York Fashion week.

Arab-Fashion-Week The Changing Perspective of Muslims via Fashion

Muslim women are aware and empowered. Muslim women bringing the faith and modern luxury fashion together are proving that they take pride in their religion and have their own fashion sense. The beauty of fashion of a community is defined by the essence of culture in the designer collections. It is believed that “Generation M: Modern fashion aware Muslim women” is emerging. Muslim community organized Muslim Lifestyle Expo in Manchester, England where there were 10,000 attendees with so many Muslim lifestyle brands showcasing their products and services.

All year long there are several fashion weeks and fashion shows held in Pakistan showcasing designers who come up with collections based on cultural bridal wear, fusion of eastern and western silhouette and traditional cuts. May it be the worlds most famous fashion week or a designer from some part unknown to most in the world still Muslim women are making their way in the fashion industry around the world catering to the needs of the modern empowered Muslim women.

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