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KAUST International Internship 2022 in Saudi Arabia

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The KAUST International Internship 2022 is an awe-inspiring opportunity for those who are passionate about conducting innovative research in Saudi Arabia.

The fully-funded internship program offers a chance to provide students with hands-on experience in the time when the globe is convulsed under the gloves of a life-threatening pandemic. It is a cooperative and innovative research program that allows energetic students to broaden their horizons in science and engineering. The aim of this internship is to shape a diverse cultural community that may bring forth progressive developments through advanced research facilities. Intelligent individuals are encouraged to become a part of the KAUST research programs to accomplish its core goal of advancing science and technology through collaborative research and education.

The Visiting Student Research Program (VSRP), sponsored by KAUST, provides students a chance to communicate creditably with their fellows to present their ideas in an international research community. The KAUST paid internship allows the potential candidates to address the global, regional, and national challenges under the mentorship of internationally recognized experts. It accelerates candidates to enrich their knowledge, skills, and abilities through various development opportunities. Moreover, the KAUST VSRP program intends to grab a pool of potential young brains, train them, and make them undertake experimental study carbon-free combustion. Further, they get a chance to explore the unexploited CRISPR- Cas9 technologies. Thus, creating a galaxy of advanced scientists and engineers.

The fully-funded international internship in Saudi Arabia course allows every bright and zealous student to polish their career while becoming a cardinal member of an internationally acceptable research community. Furthermore, students work amicably with the people of diversified communities to help improve their position at the international, regional, and national levels. This further helps students improve their decision-making in the field of research. It facilitates the research scholars and aspirants with effectual solutions through curiosity-driven and goal-oriented research. The various departments and centers at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology support the University to grasp the attention of scholars and students from multiple disciplines. In this way, they influence the interconnectivity of science and engineering and develop interdisciplinary approaches to fundamental enduring issues.

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology internship program has a broad horizon that serves the people of the Kingdom and the world. It is a beacon for harmony, faith, and reconciliation. Their core labs are centrally organized and provide user-shared facilities. In this way, students get direct access to advanced research equipment operated by highly qualified science and technology professionals. The staff works in a collaborative learning environment with the researchers to complete their projects on time. Moreover, the staff helps students fulfill the requirements of service proposals. Additionally, training in operating and handling the equipment independently is provided to those potential research aspirants. While focusing on the critical areas of importance, such as food, energy, water, and the environment, they are striving for the welfare of society.

KAUST International Internship 2022:

Host Country:

  • Saudi Arabia

Host University:

  • King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Internship Duration:

  • 3-6 months

No. of Internships:

  • 130 fully paid internships 

KAUST Internship Benefits:

  • It is an international fully funded internship program attracting individuals having the potential to learn in the time of an ongoing pandemic.
  • Candidates will be given a $ 1000 monthly stipend.
  • A private bedroom with a bathroom will be provided to the candidates.
  • Visa and airfare fees will be provided to the students.
  • Candidates can be facilitated with health insurance.
  • The candidates will be entertained with the various social and cultural activities.
  • Candidates will be given free access to core laboratories.
  • Candidates will be given easy access to major research and community facilities.
  • They facilitate cooperation among diverse communities.

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Eligibility Criteria of the KAUST International Internship 2022:

  • Everyone is eligible for the course having 3 years or above bachelor, or masters’ degrees.
  • Current Ph.D. degree holders can also apply.
  • Candidates should possess a 3.5/4 GPA or 14/20 (ECTS B).
  • The candidate must be having strong verbal and written English skills.
  • Candidates must achieve a minimum of 79 scores on the TOEFL or 6.0 points on the IELTS.

How to Apply For KAUST International Internship 2022?

  • All candidates can apply while registering themselves through an email account.
  • The applicants will receive an email notification confirming the registration.
  • Provide all required personal information, e.g., name, address, country, religion, etc.
  • Complete all the required fields that are necessary for registration.
  • Complete your registration request carefully and submit it.
  • After your application is approved, you will be contacted by the faculty member of the KAUST for an interview.
  • Once you are selected, a travel advisor will get in touch with you at the KAUST Campus.

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Required Documents for the KAUST VSRP 2022:

The following documents are required with the internship application.

  • Official Transcripts of current degrees (in English).
  • Recommendation Letter.
  • Statement Declaring Purpose.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Valid Passport.
  • Vaccine Certificate.

Application Deadline:

  • There is no specific deadline for the KAUST VSRP internship 2022 in Saudi Arabia. The applications under the VSRP program are accepted throughout the year. The starting date of application was 1st July.


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