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Dear All. Get Ready Yourself for Taiwan. 2,000 Scholarships in Taiwan are now announced for the Academic Year 2022. Taiwan is now accepting Applications in their Universities. The Scholarships in Taiwan for Foreign Students to Undertake Bachelors, Masters/MPhil & PhD. Degrees in all fields.

Taiwanese Scholarships are the easiest Scholarships to get. Why Easiest? We will tell you. If You are looking for World-Class Universities in Taiwan.

All the International Students will Enjoy Studying in Taiwan. No scholarships are about 2000+ so there are multiple chances to get a scholarship easily. Scholarships are available in every field of Science, Arts, Engineering, Management, etc. Quality of higher education, Taiwan Education system is outstanding. 2,000 is a Huge Figure.

Why Easy? Just Simple apply and you will be considered for the Taiwan Scholarships. Why Taiwan Scholarships are perfect? Because not many people know about these scholarships, so Not much competition; no need to contact the professor for acceptance. A lot of scholarships are now declared. The Detailed Information about the 2,000 Taiwan Scholarships is given below.

Details About 2,000 Scholarships in Taiwan 2022

  • Universities: Taiwan Universities
  • Course Level: Masters, PhD
  • No.of Scholarships: 2,000
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: Varies from University to University (Till Oct 2021)

The below Taiwanese Universities are in the list of Top 400 as per QS Ranking. In total more than 2 thousand scholarships2 Thousand is a huge figure. So target for this scholarship.

Go through these links and try to find out your relevant fields/majors and see all the requirements early and fulfill them and apply within the deadlines.

The Classes will be commenced in the Spring 2022 Session.

Available Fields & Majors Offered in Taiwan Scholarships

  • Science
  • Arts
  • Engineering
  • Management

Important Note: Taiwan Scholarships 2022 is an Excellent Opportunity because as we said most people don’t know about these scholarships, so anyone can get a scholarship very easily. There is No Competition, No High CGPA Requirements. You don’t need to contact the professor for acceptance.

Financial Coverage by Taiwanese Scholarships 2021

Now, are You Interested in Study Free Study in Taiwan? Excellent Opportunity for those students who have a dream to study in Taiwan. The Follwoing Expenses will be covered.

  1. No Registration or Participation fee. (In Some Universities they have Application Fee)
  2. University Full Tuition Fee
  3. TWD 6,000/month for about to 12 Months.
  4. Monthly Stipend for Masters and Ph.D. Students.

Eligibility Criteria

All the Eligible Candidates must fulfill the following criteria to avail the Scholarship:

  1. Applicants must be International, or From China, Mainland.
  2. Must be in Good Health.
  3. Applicants may not be recipients of any other scholarships at the same time.
  4. Applicants should fill out the application form correctly, honestly, completely, and submit application materials as required by the university.

List of Taiwan Scholarships 2021 with Deadlines

Worth To Mention as a Reminder: Scholarships Application is Simple Straight Forward, Just apply and you will be considered for the Taiwanese Scholarship. No need at all to contact the professor for an acceptance letter. 

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List of the 2,000 Taiwan Scholarships

1) National Taiwan University (QS Rank # 66)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – August 15, 2021Deadline – October 15, 2021Website Linkhttps://oia.ntu.edu.tw/apply-to-ntu/degree-student

2) National Tsing Hua University Scholarship (QS Rank # 168)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – August 15, 2021Deadline – October 15, 2021WebsiteLinkhttp://oga.nthu.edu.tw/web.page/detail/sn/18/lang/en

3) National Cheng Kung University (QS Rank # 234)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – July 10, 2021Deadline – October 10, 2021WebsiteLinkhttps://admissions.oia.ncku.edu.tw/doc/view/sn/12

4) National Chiao Tung University (QS Rank # 240)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – August 10, 2021Deadline – September 30, 2021WebsiteLinkhttps://oia.nctu.edu.tw/en/degree-seeking/international-students/

5) National Taiwan University of Science & Technology (QS Rank # 267)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – September 03, 2021Deadline – October 31, 2021WebsiteLinkhttp://admissions.ntust.edu.tw/index/index

6) National Yang-Ming University. (QS Rank # 298)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – September 01, 2021Deadline – October 15, 2021WebsiteLinkhttp://admission.ym.edu.tw/

7) National Taiwan Normal University ((QS Rank # 331)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – August 01, 2021Deadline – October 31, 2021WebsiteLinkhttp://ap.itc.ntnu.edu.tw/istudent/oia/news_admissions.jsp

8) Taipei Medical University (QS Rank# 387)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – August 15, 2021Deadline – October 15, 2021WebsiteLinkhttps://oge.tmu.edu.tw/admission/admission/

9) National Sun Yat-Sen University ( QS Rank# 416)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – August 01, 2021Deadline – September 30, 2021Website Link: https://oia.nsysu.edu.tw/index.php

10) National Central University ( QS Rank# 465)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – August 15, 2021Deadline – October 31, 2021Website Linkhttps://admissions.oia.ncu.edu.tw/menu.content/view/sn/72

11) National Taipei University of Technology (QS Rank # 488)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – October 01, 2021Deadline – November 15, 2021Website Linkhttps://oia.ntut.edu.tw/p/412-1032-13829.php?Lang=en

12) Chang Gung University ( QS Rank # 493)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – September 01, 2021Deadline – October 31, 2021Website Linkhttp://recruit.cgu.edu.tw/files/11-1062-5633.php

13) National Chengchi University (QS Rank # 581-590)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – September 15, 2021Deadline – October 20, 2021Website Link: http://nccuadmission.nccu.edu.tw/?locale=en

14) National Chung Hsing University (QS Rank# 601-650)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – September 05, 2021Deadline – October 05, 2021Website Linkhttp://www.oia.nchu.edu.tw/index.php/en/https://www.oia.nchu.edu.tw/index.php/en/for-students-en/study-at-nchu-en

15) Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) (QS Rank # 651-700)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – July 13, 2021Deadline – October 16, 2021Website Linkhttp://english2.kmu.edu.tw/front/bin/cglist.phtml?Category=6https://enroll.kmu.edu.tw/admission-application/

16) National Chung Cheng University (QS Rank # 701-750)

Spring 2021 ApplicationStarts – September 01, 2021Deadline – October 31, 2021

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