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Shandong Provincial Government Scholarship Program for International Students at University of Jinan


University of Jinan is authorized by Education Department of Shandong Provincial Government to undertake Shandong Provincial Government Scholarship Program for International Students. The scholarship will cover the application fee, tuition fee, accommodation fee, insurance and basic living expenses for international students who study at University of Jinan.

Content of the scholarship

The scholarship will cover:

(1) Application fee, tuition fee, lodging fee and insurance.

(2) Basic living expenses with a subsidy of 1,200RMB for master students, 1,000RMB for undergraduates and language students.


To be eligible, applicants should:

–be non-Chinese nationality, physically and mentally healthy, aged between 18~40 for degree study and 18-60 for non-degree study, with high school degree or above;

–be a bachelor’s degree holder with the CGPA above 3.0 when applying for postgraduate programs;

— have the following language proficiency: HSK5 or above for Chinese language teaching programs; for English language teaching programs, applicants from Non-English-Speaking countries should achieve an English language proficiency equivalent to IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL with the score of 90. ( Chinese language learners do not have language requirements)

Application procedures and required materials

(1) Please apply on the site Click here

(2) Required documents(All documents should be in/translated into Chinese or English)

Each applicant should submit his/her

① Application form (please fill all the applicable items);

② Basic information form;

③ Scanned copy of passport;

④ Graduation certificate or study certificate (if not graduated);

For those who graduate more than two years

⑤ Certification of latest employment (if formally employed) or certificate of non-criminal records (if unemployed in recent years).

In addition, students who apply for degree programs must provide the following documents:

Bachelors Candidate

-Senior high school graduation certificate(notarized);
-Senior high school academic transcript;
– For Chinese taught program, the language requirement is HSK level 5 or above.

Postgraduate Candidate

– Bachelor’s Degree(notarized);
-Bachelor’s Transcript;
-Study Plan;
-Two letters of recommendation from two associate professors or higher;
– For Chinese taught program, the language requirement is HSK level 5 or above.

Application Deadline

December 20th for Spring semester, June 20th for Fall semester.


Winnie Wang, Cindy Liu

International Student Affairs Office

University of Jinan

No.336 Nanxinzhuang West Road, Jinan, Shandong, 250022

People’s Republic of China

Tel: +86-531- 82765557


Online Application Link

Official Scholarship Link

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