Covid-19 death toll Surpasses 2,000 in one day in US


More than 2,000 coronavirus patients died throughout the United States (US) during the last 24 hours — the highest daily death rate ever in any country during the global pandemic.

The Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins University’s coronavirus tracker showed U.S. death toll at 2,108 people, while there are now more than half a million confirmed infections.

The first COVID-19 case in the U.S. was reported on Jan. 22; since then, more than 18,000 people have died and close to 500,000 have been confirmed infected.

The US could soon surpass Italy as the country with the most coronavirus deaths worldwide.

But experts on the White House Covid-19 task force say the outbreak is starting to level off across the US.

Dr Deborah Birx said there were good signs the outbreak was stabilizing, but cautioned: “As encouraging as they are, we have not reached the peak.”

President Donald Trump also said he expects the US to see a lower death toll than the initial predictions of 100,000 fatalities, adding: “We’re seeing clear signs that our aggressive strategy is saving countless lives”.

The World Health Organization chief warned that lifting lockdown measures too early could spark a “deadly resurgence” in infection

Brazil became the first country in the southern hemisphere to surpass 1,000 deaths with coronavirus

Turkey ordered a 48-hour curfew in 31 cities – including Istanbul and Ankara – to start at midnight. The announcement, made just two hours before the curfew was due to start, sparked panic buying and crowds of shoppers

Aid agencies expressed alarm after the first virus case was confirmed in Yemen, where years of civil war have devastated health systems.

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