Coronavirus attacks continue,Worldwide Death toll rises to 6 thousand


Death toll surging worldwide continuously as deceased number reached to six thousand.

Yesterday, 368 individuals were died in Italy due to Coronavirus while the figure was 98 in Iran.

In last 24 hours, 14 new deaths are reported in China amid 16 new cases are also confirmed in the country, whereas one case of death is also reported in US.

Total death toll surges to 3,213 in China and 69 in US while the figure is 35 in UK.

In USA and South Korea, 102 and 74 new cases are confirmed respectively, whereas the total number of corona infected people in Pakistan reached 137.

The Global Epidemic killed 724 people in Iran while 292 people have been died in Spain.

Moreover, 127 in France, 20 in Netherland, 24 in Japan and 14 people in Switzerland have been died due the pandemic.

 Coronavirus has spread to 157 countries where more than 1 lac 70 thousand people has affected, however 77 thousand 776 individuals have been recovered from the pandemic whereas almost 6 thousand people are in critical situation worldwide including China.

The World Economy is badly effected due to the outbreak of Coronavirus while some countries including Spain and Italy have locked down also.

Saudi Arabia also suspended flights with whole of the world for two weeks by locking down the Kingdom, whereas the government has also announced the package of 500 billion Saudi Riyals to handle the economy.

Yesterday Australian Scientists had claimed that they have made the vaccine for corona which is initially being tested on rats whereas in next phase the vaccine will be experimented on humans.

 Experts say that the cost for vaccine production will be between 2 to 3 million dollars, and its production on a large scale will be a challenge.

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