Chinese forces occupy Indian-held territory in Ladakh


Chinese forces occupy Indian-held territory in Ladakh.

The actual Line of Control (LoC) between India and China in Ladakh has been the scene of frequent skirmishes between the two countries’ forces, but recent tensions began when the Indian Army began building a road and a bridge in the Galwan area of ??Ladakh. On which China expressed strong resentment.

The construction of the road led to clashes between the two countries’ forces on May 5 and 9, in which both sides used fists and iron rods instead of weapons, injuring several personnel.

China had explicitly warned India to immediately halt road construction and withdraw its forces from the disputed area. India thought that perhaps China was making unwarranted threats and would not retaliate.

The Indian forces became concerned when the movement of Chinese forces began to increase rapidly. Chinese planes, helicopters and heavy weapons began arriving in Ladakh.

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